Wounded Love

Verletzte Liebe
This nail means you’ve died.
That blood disease took you
From this Earth
From your family
From me.

The scars on these stones will never heal.
But some day
With enough wind,
And sun,
And rain,
It will become a foothold for life.

A new life.
Not yours.
You, my beautiful boy, are never coming home again.

I don’t drive this nail into rock with anguish
My sadness doesn’t plant it here.
The memory of you isn’t strong enough.
I drive it with a fury
And passion
At the thought of how many days
Lay before us.
I would erase those days and join you

But I know what you’d say. I know what you’d want.
To live my days and find happiness again.
And I couldn’t bear to face you not having done that.
So you’ll forgive me if
Right now
I hate you.
And use that hate to drive this nail into stone
And hopefully, the remove the nails
In my heart as well.