The Sermon of the Galaxy, Kamuel Martek, 4.6.9856

Let us begin today with a prayer to Galaxia. Thank you for being on this journey with me. You are my sister in this universe. You were born into the universe, like I was. Your body will one day die, like mine will. I am a part of you, And though you are older, stronger and contain so much within you, We are together. Your dance is my dance. Your music is my music. My thoughts are your thoughts. My art is... read more

The Third Creation

In the beginning there was Mother Sunya and nothing else. There was no food. There was no hunger. There was no water. There was no thirst. There was no body. There was no disease. There was no death. There was no life. There was no light. There was no darkness. Just her thoughts.   She was alone. She grew afraid. She looked around. Nothing was there. She called out. Nothing answered. She felt around.... read more

Religion Is Good, Important, and Necessary

After thousands of years we’ve established the following: Material things do not bring happiness. Violence doesn’t solve problems. Compassion and understanding can solve any problem. Knowing ourselves brings happiness and allows permanent self improvement. Prayer, meditation, and other similar techniques of ritual for being centered and communion with those eternal ideas (eternal as defined by... read more

The Language of the Universe

God’s word has never been written down in our words. It’s never been written in English, Greek, or Latin. It has never been written in Sanskrit, Egyptian, or Sumerian. It has never been written in Russian or Chinese. No word of God has been written in Arabic or Japanese. Maori, Navajo, and Zulu have all tried to express it, but like attempts in every other language, humans words were never... read more