Throwing Away Your Vote, Throwing Away Your Conscience

We are one week away from another presidential election in America, and since at least the early 90s, the concept of “throwing away your vote” is tossed around and used against anyone thinking about what we variously can be: voting third party, voting with one’s conscience, protest voting, or choosing not to vote at all. Is “throwing away your vote” really as bad as the... read more

Chuck Norris Getting His Ass Kicked

It’s another election season and time for everyone’s favorite make believe bad-ass to come out of hiding and make ignorant and racist statements about the future of the country. Feel free to let the video play as you read (Norris vs Lee happens mostly between 0:20 and 0:50) Here’s my favorite Chuck Norris Fact: Chuck Norris was a shy kid with had an alcoholic father, and he found refuge... read more

Clint Eastwood: Crazy Old Man or Some Kind of Genius?

I mean, the chair thing was hilarious and awkward. And I love the Grandpa Simpson image. But did you watch the whole thing? It starts off really awkward and rambling. It was like he planned to improv, but forgot how. This sets it up as a bad speech overall, and I won’t deny that. But then he goes into a comedy routine, with Invisible Obama cursing at Romney, which I thought was pretty well done and... read more

What if the national budget was your family budget?

Philip Greenspun did a great brain exercise to put the budget debate into understandable terms. How can an individual voter make sense of quantities that are ordinarily written in scientific notation? I think the easiest way is to divide everything by 100,000,000 (10^8). Let’s start with federal spending. The FY 2011 federal budget is approximately $3.82 trillion (3.82×10^12). Of that, approximately $2.17... read more