Truth (n)

I made a wall built out of TRUTH. I chose the best bricks, celebrated by architects and hooligans. I used the strongest mortar, to defend against any lies. I used the richest paint for clarity. And still, it crumbles slowly. Already, the bricks are no longer celebrated. Already, the mortar has begun to wear. The paint is peeling and fading. Already, this wall is a useless obstruction. Already this... read more

Wounded Love

This nail means you’ve died. That blood disease took you From this Earth From your family From me. The scars on these stones will never heal. But some day With enough wind, And sun, And rain, It will become a foothold for life. A new life. Not yours. You, my beautiful boy, are never coming home again. I don’t drive this nail into rock with anguish My sadness doesn’t plant it here. The... read more

Let Me Run Across That Jagged Horizon

Let me run across that jagged horizon. Let me chase the dying sun. I want to swallow cold air. I want to slip on ice. Scrape my knees on the granite. Let my teeth taste the snow. I will use the ropes of my guts to climb her. All your talk of liberty is a prison. This is freedom, and it will be... read more

No More Picnics

No more picnics. My stomach is frozen and hard. The ground is empty and growling. The bench is cold and no place to sleep. I’ve pursued happiness since I could walk And now my heart can walk no... read more