Do You Love Good Quality Original Movies?

Then go see Inception.

This is a test from Hollywood. Is it time to go back to producing big, original movies or do we continue to turn existing properties, like Marmaduke and View-Master into movies?

If Inception bombs we won’t see any big original movies for quite some time – unless they are funded by directors who can afford to do so, like James Cameron and George Lucas. You’re going to see more movies like Battleship and Disney rides? (See, I’m fair, they aren’t ALL terrible attacks on the art form)

So, go see Inception this weekend.

Not just for these reasons. See it because it’s supposed to be great. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard good things. It is a gripping good sci-fi drama. It’s not as cerebral as you might think. It does ask a lot from the viewer, but there is a solid story that is easy to follow too. It’s Chris Nolan (Dark Knight, Memento) at the top of his game.

So, don’t just see Inception to help ensure that future movies will take more risks. See it because it will do this and because it’s an excellent film.

Go see Inception. And see it soon.