Inception Wins the Box Office Lottery

This is a follow up to my call to arms to cinema fans to go see Inception.

It seems like fans of original movies have won, Inception did very well this weekend.

If it plays out according to the average movie run, it will recover its budget of $160 million in four weeks which is a very solid performance. And it has the hallmarks to do better than that. Good critical reviews, good audience response, and a #1 box office position which is always a good thing to throw on advertising. It could pass $200 million in that time.

So here’s to hoping that Hollywood’s fear of taking risk on original movies has passed. It’s been about a 10 year drought, but with Avatar and Inception making waves and money, we can hope for better cinematic times ahead.

If you saw it this weekend, good job.

For my part, I enjoyed it very much. I’m not going to go into a full review. Instead, I will just say that I was warned the beginning was rough, and I thought it was fine. Perhaps because I expected it to start slower or jumpier, but really it played out like a heist movie. There was a lot of explaining, but it was mostly shown instead of told, which made for a good show. The last half kept building and building into a climactic crescendo. Like great films, I walked out of the theater still feeling like I was in the world of the film.

The best part of seeing a movie like this, the reason movies in the theater will always be better than at home (no matter how impressive your TV and sound system) is when the film fades to black and you think of how much you enjoyed what you just saw and then the entire audience applauds.

If you didn’t see it, what are you waiting for?