31 Days of Style Tips from The Valet

The Valet is doing one of my favorite features: 31 Days.

They kick off every year with 31 days of simple tips and advice points on stepping up your life style. This has ranged from some basic suit shopping tips and the merits of having a personal uniform (which was a big eye opener and barrier blaster for me in getting my first suit) to buying vegetables and when to wash particular articles of clothing.

While some of the tips can apply to anyone, most of the tips are centered on men’s style. And this feature is easily one of the best things to check out whether you’re looking to change up your personal style or just want some quick ideas to refine what you’ve already got going on. All the tips are quick reads, and sometimes might not give you as much information as you want, but they’re good starting points nonetheless.

The first one for 2011 gives some non-standard tie wearing tips, and is a perfect example of their classic, non-dogmatic, tool-kit approach to fashion. Enjoy the rest of a month long series!