Mirrored Sands, Part 8

The burning stars that were Prichard Jrak’s eyes Stared directly into Kamuel Martek. Raim’s crumpled body and cracked helmet lay nearby. Martek flexed his hands into fists and activated the enhancements his order blessed him with. Blue veins of energy coursed across his limbs, faintly visible under his robes. Jrak lunged to grab him. His speed was incredible. But Jrak moved clumsily. He... read more

Good Omens Con Wrap-Up

This past Saturday, Endgame hosted one of its outstanding minicons. This one is the (fourth?)* annual summer event hosted by Good Omens. Good Omens is a group of roleplaying game masters to establish a brand name for quality games. I played in two excellent games, and ran one as well. The first game I played was a FATE system game set in the Dungeon’s & Dragons world of Eberron. It was a very... read more

Inception Wins the Box Office Lottery

This is a follow up to my call to arms to cinema fans to go see Inception. It seems like fans of original movies have won, Inception did very well this weekend. If it plays out according to the average movie run, it will recover its budget of $160 million in four weeks which is a very solid performance. And it has the hallmarks to do better than that. Good critical reviews, good audience response, and a... read more

Do You Love Good Quality Original Movies?

Then go see Inception. This is a test from Hollywood. Is it time to go back to producing big, original movies or do we continue to turn existing properties, like Marmaduke and View-Master into movies? If Inception bombs we won’t see any big original movies for quite some time – unless they are funded by directors who can afford to do so, like James Cameron and George Lucas. You’re going... read more

Getting Ahead to Fall Behind

By the end of last weekend I had most of the week of blog posts laid out. I felt pretty good. Finally, I wouldn’t need to cram in some time at night for a post the next morning. And now it’s Friday. Oops, where does the time go? One of the things I’m getting out of this is a deadline. Deadlines keep me moving. Whether they are aggressive or not, it doesn’t seem to matter. In... read more


“Let’s meet up after work at the casino.” Deal. “Hey, you never showed up!” Deal. “I just wanted to play some poker with you. I brought a new deck of cards.” Deal. “Can you believe they were only two bucks?” Deal! “Instead of gambling to make money, I was thinking about selling drugs.”... read more

Mirrored Sands, Part 7

The rulers of the ancient Empire of the Cultivators Were powerful beings. And decadent. The Bright Soul Order’s primary purpose Was to prevent And destroy Any technology that could result in their return. They call them the Corruptors. They say their power was great enough to Warp space and bend time. They say that when they were overthrown, They uploaded their Minds Directly into the energy field... read more

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