The Biggest Holiday of the Year

It’s the day everyone has been waiting all year for. The largest American holiday,
Our most Sacred and Solemn Tradition,
Decider of futures and Fates.

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Fail Storm

Every every atom-bound electron is vanquished
Waking up into the same gravity vortex

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Fear of Equality

We are special. We are equals.

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Changing the Problem with “Childhood Obesity”

There’s a group here in Oakland, ChangeLabs Solutions, a non-profit working on community focused changes. I love their focus on building communities. We’ve never had much community culture, and I believe that is a big part of our future. They work for better uses of public land, food access, affordability, health from the well known dangers of lead based paint to the harder to detect, but... read more

Who Allies with the Allies?

I’ve admired Professor Banks for a while know. I discovered her through a game designer whose works I admire. She is, no fooling, a powerhouse of social justice and compassion. So, I was a little surprised to see this article from her, claiming that she isn’t an ally. I posted on her husband’s G+ post sharing this that I disagreed, a lot. Read on, and come back. There will be a test.... read more

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